Saturday, November 8, 2008

I would like to say we got everything off on Sept. 12th. Two mts and 2 days after all this was started my son Derek had a weight loss of only 7 lbs. I think that was wonderful and I think had we not expiremented with many different foods he would of had a much larger weight loss.

Just one more thing we tried was mexican food I wasn't real impressed with it and did not like the taste but he said it wasn't real bad. Then again neither of us are real crazy about mexican food that might of had something to do with it.

Good Luck to all who are having to go through this. I wish you all the best.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Liquid Diets For Broken Jaw

My son was in a car wreck and broke his jaw on both sides and had to have his jaw wired shut. We was a little concerned about what he was going to eat to keep him from loosing weight. He is about 6'2" and 170 so it was important that he not loose a lot of weight. The doctors office gave us a book that had recipes in it for a liquid diet. We tried a couple of them I tasted them and they were NOT good at all I would use disgusting as my choice of words for them. I searched the web and could not find anything other than one ladies page that said it had lots of things but you had to pay for it. I decided to start this blog because and post some of the tings we have tried and not charge when you are in this position it is nice to be able to find help that does not cost. I do not have any per say recipes but am glad to tell you all how we have survived this ordeal and how my son has been able to eat all his favorite foods cheeseburgers, Chinese food, pizza and anything you can imagine.

We started with KFC potatoes and gravy as our first experiment and it tasted great. We got the potatoes and some extra gravy put it in a blender added some chicken broth and put the blender on liquid. And when it was done it sucked through a straw and tasted just like KFC potatoes.

Our second experiment was his favorite food cheeseburgers I wasn't sure how this would work but for my son it was worth a try. I fried 2 burgers put the cheese on and put them in the blender added some beef broth and turned it to liquid. It takes longer with meat and has to be blended a little longer but it will all blend. With any meat you will have to strain it because for him any little meat particles got stuck in the wires. The strainer I used was a small wire strainer that can be purchased at any department store. We got it to the consistancy he needed and it did tasted just like a cheeses burger.

His next favorite food is pizza I was like ok lets try it and this is how we did it. Two or three pieces or how ever much you want to make add a little pizza sauce and some beef broth blend it to liquid strain it and it taste just like the piece I ate.

He was craving Chinese food mainly just the chicken they have so we got some and ask for some extra sauce. I put it in the blender added some of the sauce and some chicken broth got it to liquid strained it and I have to say it was very very good.

We have also tried Hamburger Helper not his favorite food but tasted pretty good to him now. We have tried several of them and they all work you just have to add chicken or beef broth and blend it until it is a liquid and strain it.

One thing he likes other than shakes and smoothies is a jello-cool whip desert you are suppose to make it thick and serve it in a pie shell but we have changed it a little. I add a little more water to the jello to try to keep it from setting up. Make the jello (your favorite flavor) add the cool whip and mix it put it in the fridge and it makes a tasty drink. It may set up a little just add a little more water and stir it to get it in the liquid form again. He likes strawberry so I have even added some fresh strawberries ran it through the blender together. But make sure you strain that I forgot the first time and strawberry seeds don't forget the seeds.

We have also done burgers cooked on the grill and chicken on the grill just have to add the broth and it does taste the same.

I have found that the trick with the broth is there is no set amount it depends on what you are making how much it might take. Some things take more to get it to that liquid stage but it all will get there. Like I said the meats to get them to that stage you do have to blend them longer. And you can tell by looking at the food in the blender if you need to add more broth if it is thick and not chopped up well it needs more. When it is blended well it will look like smooth baby food that is when you start adding more of the broth until it will suck through a straw. Like I said earlier I have tasted everything that I have fixed him and have not found anything that I would not eat. We have not tried pork chops only because he does not like pork but I am sure that it would work. If roast, burgers and chicken work am sure that it would also.

We are five weeks in now with this and he is maintaining his weight am sure he has lost a few pounds but not 20 or more. I hope this will help someone you can make most anything into liquid we have also tried lasagna just added some sauce and broth. Pudding we bought some of the pudding cups and when he wants some we just add some milk until he can suck it through a straw.

Everything that I have mentioned above I have also made up some extra and put in the fridge for him. The burgers, hamburger helper and pizza all gets thick after it sets in the fridge you can add some more broth to it when warming it up and it will loose that gel form that it took on in the fridge. I have found out that my son prefers it to be fresh so all the hot food I try to make it fresh unless I am going to be gone that I make some to put in the fridge.

I do hope this may help someone who does not know what to eat or how to fix it and does not want to live on broth and tomato soup alone. If anyone has any questions you can email me or post on my blog and I will try my best to answer your question.